Monday, 17 October 2011

Supernova Dinner - Edmonton style

Something happened last week.  I had heard of it happening before, just never had the opportunity to partake in the fun!

I opened my email in September and there it was, an email from a man named Rich, the VIP representative for PokerStars in western Canada.  He was coming into town in early October and wanted to know if I would like to join him and other Supernova players on PokerStars for an evening out....on PokerStars (of course).  

As a member of Team Online as well as Supernova, Rich allowed me to pick where we would eat.  This gave me some trouble, there are some great places to eat in Edmonton, but would what appealed to me be suitable for the other Supernova guests??  So I went with the safe choice of Ruth's Chris.  In Alberta, a steak house has to appeal to most!  

We arrived and were escorted down to a private meeting room, with vault type doors.  The table composition was interesting, the players who had been able to join us for the night were a multi table tournament player (with affinity for the turbos and hyper-turbos), a heads up sit and go player, a limit hold em player and myself.  

With a table like this, Rich had his work cut out for him, but he kept the conversation going and it was really interesting to hear how each player got their start in poker, WSOP adventures, plans for PCA, thoughts on Black Friday, 2+2 and other sites.  

Rich asked us each what we thought PokerStars could do to be a better site and what kinds of promotions attracted us.  It was nice to know that our opinions counted as he wrote down every suggestion/comment and even talked a bit about the ideas that came out of the dinner he hosted earlier that week in Calgary.  

I didn't take any pictures that night....protect the identities of these Superheroes, but I did catch a few screen names.  So in lieu of pictures, I figured I would attach some pictures of the foods we sampled.  Everything was really incredible!

Stuffed mushroom caps, onion rings....

Soups and salads...oh my!

Followed my entrees of steaks with decadent sides....

Who could then resist chocolate pieces of heaven?

If this isn't incentive enough for you to work towards Supernova....I am not sure what would be!

Oh the way Rich, thanks for letting me pick the bottle of wine, and for not cringing when the waitress said "Oh picked a really good bottle of wine", it was wonderful down to the last drop!

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