Monday, 27 June 2011

WSOP 2011 - round 2

I hate packing.

So I have found the time to write a quick note!  I am headed back to Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon.  On my slate is Event 51 $1500 plo8 and if that doesn't go well the ladies event (Event 53).  I plan to play as much cash as possible in between and potentially the 5k plo8 (Event 57).  I am stoked to find out that the Rio has yoga at the spa on much nicer than going to find a center. 

I hope to go see the Price is Right game show and have time for some great dinners.  Then also the 2+2 pokercast party at the Wynn on July 7th.  I am sure this trip will fly by as they all do, hopefully I get to see my name in lights, and maybe....hear the Canadian anthem played just for me. 


Friday, 24 June 2011

Time flies...

Today marks my 9th anniversary at my current job.  Officially, the longest time I have worked somewhere.  I get the luxury of truly meaning it when I tell you that I love my job.  Parts of it make me want to scream and shake people, but that happens in every day life too I guess!  Ultimately, nothing can replace the feeling I get when I help a patient or a family through a life changing event, whether it is a trauma, an illness or a loss. 

I have the best crew that I work with and it makes all the difference.  I have traveled with coworkers (to the Caribbean, taken some to Vegas, to NY and DC) and often spend time away from work with them, hell even my slo pitch team stems from the hospital.

Here's a cheezy little OT rap...had some fun checking out youtube for all the OT vs PT and OT vs nursing videos...but I already argued with one nurse today so I thought I would put something non offensive! :)

Despite all this, I feel a change is would be too easy to just coast along for the next 10 years.  I submitted a request to go part time for now, to see if with the extra time I can pursue a bit more poker travel or another adventure in Occupational Therapy...we'll see if that gets approved!! Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trip Report - The Rest

I had better finish this epic blog before I head back to Vegas in less than two weeks!

In summary, the last 4 days of my trip included playing basketball at midnight at 24 hour fitness, manicure, pedicure, swimming, hot tubs, more gym time then finally out to dinner at Mesa and seeing Absinthe (outside Caesars) which was an excellent show until the end when I almost bailed down the ramp in my heels.  Can't win them all I guess!

I am looking forward to the next couple weeks more for so many reasons, will be into the PLO8 tournaments, the ladies event for the first time, catching up with more friends and enjoying some heat!!!!

Will most definitely be at the 2+2 party at the Wynn on the get there! :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Trip Report - Day 3

Day 3 - Event day $1500 Limit Omaha 8/b - June 1, 2011 check out Event 3 Table 47 if you wish. 

I drove over to the Rio, with the last few minutes of my rental car and hurriedly returned it as I was running a bit late.  Got to my table, and into seat 9,  in time to fire up the event.  While so many of my friends were tweeting about all the 'name pros' at their table, I was looking around and recognized nobody at mine.  The forecast for this tourney was that it was going to be juicy as the first 'real' tourney (after the casino employees and the $25k HU) and lots of players would be looking to get their WSOP experience started.  The numbers on the board seemed to be indicating the same thing, over 900 players. 
Unfortunately, the field didn't appear to be as soft as expected.
The softest spot at my table was in seat 2, a Venezuelan, who was super excited and at his first WSOP, after every hand he provided a step by step instruction manual as to why he played his hand as he did.  Needless to say, he was our first casualty in or around level 4.
A fun spot for me came at level 6 when I got into a short stack battle with someone even shorter, he held AAK7 and I held A24Q.  We got all in pre-flop and the hands were turned up.  I said to the  dealer, "How about a 3, 5, 8 flop" and that was exactly what I got.  I didn't want to ask to flop scoop him, but I did end up scooping that pot.  My chip stack was on a roller coaster until the dinner break, where I ended with around two big blinds (or 1100 chips). 
Dinner break we had some of the days earlier casualties go grab a big table at Buzios (amazing seafood restaurant at the Rio).  During dinner, one of the guys at our table handed me his cell phone and told me to talk to his friend, surprize for me when it turns out it was a radio poker show...
I was not late getting back to my chips after the dinner break, couldn't afford to be!  I believe I lasted about another 20 minutes, and then became one of the many level 7 bust outs. 

Overall, I was pretty disappointed, this was the first LO8 WSOP tournament in three years that I hadn't cashed in; however, this year surely had the best play I had seen.  I am most definitely looking forward to my next events!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Trip Report - as I remember it....

I was in Vegas for a week (May 30 - June 6) and cannot wait until my return.  The WSOP tends to be a bit of a blur to me at the best of times, so this trip, I made use of the handy pen and paper to make notes about my trip.  Hopefully whoever finds that paper can piece it all together and have a few good laughs. 

Day 1 - Worked all day then took off early in the afternoon to finish up packing and got chauffeured to the airport by my friend.  Whether it was the upcoming flight or the fact that I hadn't been to Vegas since last July, I was filled with excitement and nervousness.  Skip the boring wait at the airport, flight and wait for my bag and fast forward to check in at Caesars.  
Got loaded into my room and almost didn't leave because of the view: (excuse the blurry iPhone pic)

The room was pretty sweet also....they obviously missed my action over the year.  Not to waste any time, I headed over to the Rio to check out the action.  Not really all that much going on in the cash games, mostly talked to a few dealers who were talking about the Casino Employees event and how anyone could play in it (similar to the Ladies and Seniors Events).   Too bad really, I always liked the idea of having a tournament specific to those who are going to take care of us for the rest of the Series.

I headed to the back of the room looking for one of my online friends (who was originally going to pick me up from the airport) that I was going to meet for the first time.  It was great timing because he was just chopping the first WSOP payment of 2011, him and his buddy met in the heads up satellite to the 25k (event 2).  Good for a laugh anyway, as they had just driven 26 hours across country to get to there.  We met up with a couple more friends and had a few drinks to start off the WSOP, a fairly busy evening, seeing as I only got to LV at 8pm that night.  

Day 2 - Bit of a housekeeping day really, planned the rest of my trip, rented a car, got my cell phone topped up then went out to a house party near South Point.  We watched game 1 of the NBA finals (go Mavs for the record), played some Chinese poker (there's a first time for everything right?) and then went for a swim/hot tub.  The house was beautiful and definitely makes me dream of the 'good life', just in time to get geared up for June 1rst and my first event.