Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Video Release Day: Poker, Slo-pitch & the "Fat Cat"

The day my slo-pitch team has been waiting for is here!

Earlier this year, I was presented with the opportunity to have my ‘story’ filmed and published for the poker world (and I suppose, anyone else who may randomly happen upon my video).  I was super excited and equally nervous at the thought of being interviewed and being recorded.  Some people are naturals when it comes to being in the public eye and expressing themselves, but I am not sure I belong in that group.  

So you can imagine, that my nerves weren’t settled too much as the crew set up their gear in my living room.  

Thankfully, the guys were wonderful, and kept me laughing.  The sound guy even wound up making a bit of a cameo...can you spot him?  A special thanks to Ryan, Greg and Mike for all their work!  It certainly wasn’t the nicest weekend to visit Edmonton.  This video will give you a glimpse into my life, from poker, to working as an Occupational Therapist, to after hours fun!

Here it is...the moment many have been waiting for....drum roll please!  

So after watching the video, I hope you have had a good laugh or two, even if it was at my expense.  I think it is important not to take yourself too seriously! 


  1. Love it!!!! Finally, we get to see it. You are fabulous.

  2. congratulations, I would like to check it out with the pay per head services community. I bet that it will be great.