Sunday, 12 June 2011

Trip Report - Day 3

Day 3 - Event day $1500 Limit Omaha 8/b - June 1, 2011 check out Event 3 Table 47 if you wish. 

I drove over to the Rio, with the last few minutes of my rental car and hurriedly returned it as I was running a bit late.  Got to my table, and into seat 9,  in time to fire up the event.  While so many of my friends were tweeting about all the 'name pros' at their table, I was looking around and recognized nobody at mine.  The forecast for this tourney was that it was going to be juicy as the first 'real' tourney (after the casino employees and the $25k HU) and lots of players would be looking to get their WSOP experience started.  The numbers on the board seemed to be indicating the same thing, over 900 players. 
Unfortunately, the field didn't appear to be as soft as expected.
The softest spot at my table was in seat 2, a Venezuelan, who was super excited and at his first WSOP, after every hand he provided a step by step instruction manual as to why he played his hand as he did.  Needless to say, he was our first casualty in or around level 4.
A fun spot for me came at level 6 when I got into a short stack battle with someone even shorter, he held AAK7 and I held A24Q.  We got all in pre-flop and the hands were turned up.  I said to the  dealer, "How about a 3, 5, 8 flop" and that was exactly what I got.  I didn't want to ask to flop scoop him, but I did end up scooping that pot.  My chip stack was on a roller coaster until the dinner break, where I ended with around two big blinds (or 1100 chips). 
Dinner break we had some of the days earlier casualties go grab a big table at Buzios (amazing seafood restaurant at the Rio).  During dinner, one of the guys at our table handed me his cell phone and told me to talk to his friend, surprize for me when it turns out it was a radio poker show...
I was not late getting back to my chips after the dinner break, couldn't afford to be!  I believe I lasted about another 20 minutes, and then became one of the many level 7 bust outs. 

Overall, I was pretty disappointed, this was the first LO8 WSOP tournament in three years that I hadn't cashed in; however, this year surely had the best play I had seen.  I am most definitely looking forward to my next events!

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