Friday, 10 June 2011

Trip Report - as I remember it....

I was in Vegas for a week (May 30 - June 6) and cannot wait until my return.  The WSOP tends to be a bit of a blur to me at the best of times, so this trip, I made use of the handy pen and paper to make notes about my trip.  Hopefully whoever finds that paper can piece it all together and have a few good laughs. 

Day 1 - Worked all day then took off early in the afternoon to finish up packing and got chauffeured to the airport by my friend.  Whether it was the upcoming flight or the fact that I hadn't been to Vegas since last July, I was filled with excitement and nervousness.  Skip the boring wait at the airport, flight and wait for my bag and fast forward to check in at Caesars.  
Got loaded into my room and almost didn't leave because of the view: (excuse the blurry iPhone pic)

The room was pretty sweet also....they obviously missed my action over the year.  Not to waste any time, I headed over to the Rio to check out the action.  Not really all that much going on in the cash games, mostly talked to a few dealers who were talking about the Casino Employees event and how anyone could play in it (similar to the Ladies and Seniors Events).   Too bad really, I always liked the idea of having a tournament specific to those who are going to take care of us for the rest of the Series.

I headed to the back of the room looking for one of my online friends (who was originally going to pick me up from the airport) that I was going to meet for the first time.  It was great timing because he was just chopping the first WSOP payment of 2011, him and his buddy met in the heads up satellite to the 25k (event 2).  Good for a laugh anyway, as they had just driven 26 hours across country to get to there.  We met up with a couple more friends and had a few drinks to start off the WSOP, a fairly busy evening, seeing as I only got to LV at 8pm that night.  

Day 2 - Bit of a housekeeping day really, planned the rest of my trip, rented a car, got my cell phone topped up then went out to a house party near South Point.  We watched game 1 of the NBA finals (go Mavs for the record), played some Chinese poker (there's a first time for everything right?) and then went for a swim/hot tub.  The house was beautiful and definitely makes me dream of the 'good life', just in time to get geared up for June 1rst and my first event.  

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