Saturday, 5 March 2011

Elite Status

Some things change...and well, some things don't.

I was talking to the speed dating people during the week and they wanted me to know that they would like me to rebook for another turbo dating event as I had become an 'elite' member and qualified for a discounted rate.  You qualify for this status when a certain percentage of the guys check 'yes' after meeting you. 
  • 67% (or 6/9) of the guys wanted my info
  • I checked 'yes' for 33% (or 3/9) of the guys
  • I had one match (both checked 'yes')....
This made me (and my best friend) laugh, because it is such an accurate portrayal of my dating life.  I nearly pegged the three guys that didn't want to meet me as the choices of who I wanted to meet.  I guess the saying that you can't always get what you want holds true!!

So, I am going to "run it twice" and am headed back to the tables with the same friend that I went with before.  It will be the university educated speed dating (yawn), so bring on the engineers and chemists!!  Hopefully, I will have a somewhat better read on the situation!

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