Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Goal Update

Well it has been an interesting start to March, that is for certain. 

I booked a trip immediately upon receiving my passport (yeahhh stamps) and am headed away shortly.  Should be nice to get to some 15C weather....only a 35 - 40 degree jump from where Edmonton currently is.

I haven't attended a single yoga class yet...partly busy, partly lazy and partly didn't want to manually open my garage door last night during the power outage.  Yoga while on vacation is my favorite so I will surely fit in a class or two. 

I have read a chapter of my book.  It is hard for me to read on the train when there are so many neat people to watch.  Also, when I try to read before bed I am immediately comatose.  Hopefully I will get a bit further on my flights.

Pokering....well I need a 4k swing to hit my goal, am stuck approx $800 so far this month. Naturally, I thought I was going to be up about a million or so after the PokerStars Sunday Million.  Was going along okay, ended up a bit short in chips and lost QQ to 77 aipf for a min cash.  I will track my live sessions coming up to tally into this too.

I haven't started my presentation work yet.  I have; however, recruited someone to help me with the power point....so that is something!

The 5lb goal.  Who knows!!  It is Mardi Gras today, so there's not much point in worrying too much.  Also, we ate at Pampas on Friday night for a coworkers birthday....it was fantastic with great caipirinhas and company.  Oh yeah....and the meat.  Needless to say, I've been taking the stairs at work. 

Vegetarians may not wish to check out the food pictures from Friday.

But it was fantastic. 

Off to a wine and whiskey bar tomorrow to celebrate the birthdays of two of the best people I know.

Oh yes, and for lent....I think I will give up non-suited connectors as per the suggestion of one of my friends!


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