Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Review

So March is in the books, the sun is finally shining here and the snow is starting to melt.  Although, our local attraction "Snow Dirt Mountain" may never melt...there are competitions to see who can guess the date it finally all dissipates.  It has been one hell of a winter for cold and snow (and might not be over, but I'll chance it), so I welcome the sun and saw a blade of green grass (it may have just frozen that way last year) today. 
Goal Update for March (this isn't going to be pretty)...
(1) I have attended 0 yoga classes in March.  No excuses.  I have; however, signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge at a studio that I can walk to.  Maybe I'll be doing handstands by April 30th.

(2) I finished reading the last of those Stieg Larsson books.  I read all four because of all the hype, and well, they won't be on my recommend list.  I am now about half way through Lisey's Story, a book that is sending me on a mental trip for sure, I always have loved Stephen King, read 'It' when I was 12 or 13, this one has become one of my favorites (so far) and I will finish it in April.  It will have taken me 4 years to read though, I found a boarding pass to Vegas in it from 2007. 

(3) Hmmmm....not so much.  See goal #1. 

(4) Did not track and have no idea.  This is embarrassing for me to write, maybe that will help me track for April?

(5) Got my new passport, went to San Jose for a weekend, got to meet a poker player that I had only met online before.  Always nice to meet new friends!  I also booked the first leg of my WSOP trip for the summer, staying at Caesars this year.  Still might drive down for the second leg...why are flights so expensive in the last year?

(6) I have an outline and a 'take home' message ready for the audience that I will present to.  It is going to be quite the challenge for me as I have never enjoyed speaking to a crowd.  I have a presentation geared up for Monday (to an audience of ~ 15 people) so that should give me a good warm up.  My goal for April might be to come up with a sassy title for my presentation. 

I will have to bring together some goals for April, the first being not to be fooled tomorrow before noon, but as with every year, I always get caught somehow. 

Also, go UCONN....I picked them to win the whole tourney in my bracket.  I wouldn't mind seeing Butler do it either, their coach (Brad Stevens) inspires me every time I see him or hear him interviewed.  The players obviously respond well to him and well he isn't tough to look at either. 

Happy Spring!

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