Monday, 28 February 2011

My little shrub

My sister needs a hug. 

She posted on Facebook this morning that her friend Jasmine died on the 24th.  I became reacquainted with Jasmine through Carly a couple years ago.  Jasmine was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in May 2005 and then got the devastating news in 2008 that she had metastatic spread to her brain.  Along with some of Jasmine's best friends, Carly decided to help fundraise to fulfill "Jasmine's wish", her wish was to marry her long time boyfriend Jeff, who had himself shown strength and love that is so admirable.  Carly started a "Save or Shave" challenge and put it out to friends and family that she would take donations to both sides, and her hair would either be saved or shaven.  This was clearly a no brainer to me, and I looked forward to shaving my sisters head at Christmas.  Somehow, the 'save' side prevailed and my Christmas was ruined.

Well, not really.  I got to spend some time working on photo shop...and wow do I need lessons.  But this was exhibit A that Carly with a shaved head wouldn't have been so horrible...

Carly ended up raising almost two thousand dollars to donate. 

A gala was held in May 2009, where her friends arranged a meal, a band and a silent auction.  Proceeds from which all benefited Jasmine and Jeff.  They were married in 2010, I believe.  Jasmine and Jeff are inspirational on so many levels, that goes without saying, and personally I am happy to have spent that time at the gala and getting to know their story.  Jasmine had the most beautiful smile and the gentlest nature.  Jasmine's life was cut short by an ugly disease, but her life was never about that.  To an outsider like me, her life was never about cancer, but more about the love of friends and family.  Equally inspirational to me is the way a community was able to come together, gather and rally around to make a dream come true.  

Jasmine, thank you so much for the gifts you have given us, by the way you lived your life.  We need reminders of what is important in life.  But thank you also for giving my sister, my shrub, the chance to shine and to show what an amazing person she is.  It reminds me why I love her so much.

Carly, you live in a different city, a different province...but you will always be my little blister.  I am sorry beyond words for the loss of Jasmine, but I hope that soon you will laugh again and smile at the memories of a life well lived.

XOOXOOXOO (a couple extra hugs for good measure)

RIP Jasmine Wallace (nee Styles) February 19, 1982 - February 24, 2011
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,  Love leaves a memory no one can steal"
- Irish Headstone

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